Wine and oenological integrated consulting services


Integrated consulting services aimed at companies in the wine business, specialised in the setting up and management of vineyards and wineries. VINIC will help you to improve your company’s results. Your project is our challenge.

Our extensive training and experience in the wine industry helps us to offer efficient solutions to each company and to add value through our tailored service since every problem requires a different solution.

Our objective is to achieve performance and results and we therefore provide a professional and personalized consulting service in different areas from implantation to vineyard management, including quality winemaking, financial and economic analysis, strategic planning and marketing plans.


We know the methodology and the wine consulting techniques. This is how we operate:

  • First contact with the client
  • Diagnosis and analysis.
  • Plan of action.
  • Implementation.
  • Evaluation and follow up plans.

We advise companies in the wine business and offer our services in an objective and independent way to uncover and analyse technical and managerial problems and apply solutions.

Our contribution is to work together with our clients to achieve the objectives set, through:

  • Detailed know how
  • Full and collaborative consulting services
  • Highly qualified specialists