Oenological Consulting

Making high quality and unique wines with and exhaustive control of all processes is our main objective. It is essential to be efficient in such a competitive and changeable business. Quality itself is not sufficient without adequate management.

Our proven experience in winemaking and the administration and management of wineries, helps us to optimise efforts, create efficient production strategies and what is most important, select the best solution in every moment.

To have a good knowledge of the market and consumer demand is essential in modern oenology, and it is for that reason that at VINIC, we believe in the importance of developing new products adapted to the different markets.

Technical project management.

Oenological cost control and management.

Negotiation with suppliers.

Productive process programming and management.

Analysis of potential winery improvements.

Winery design: installations and size.

Integrated technical advice in the production of red, white and rosè wine.

Experts in producing Cava and sparkling wines.

Full advice in the wine ageing process and its alternatives.

Advice in wine clarification, filtering and stabilization processes.

Environmental microbiology control and control of the materials used in the bottling process.

Use of traceability techniques.

Design, implementation and maintenance of quality control systems.

Market analysis, research and development of new products.

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