Financial Consulting

VINIC consulting knows the importance of financial management in the wine business, since it covers economic decisions from financial policy strategy and investment choices, to more technical decisions such as budget management. VINIC’s financial approach is unique: to look to improve profitability controlling the insolvency risk.

Our experience in winery management has taught us a basic fact: without good financial management, high quality wines are not enough to make the project economically viable.

Product analysis:


Margins and customer sale prices

Economic – financial analysis:

Investment and finance plan

Profit and loss and cash flow statements

Break even point

Cash Budgets

Interim Balance Sheets

Working capital

Analysis of the project’s profitability

Optimal ratios

Audits – Management:

VINIC Consulting also processes and manages the administrative legal requirements related to the implementation of crops and the guidance of wine projects, with the aim of providing the client  the essential confidence and support thanks to a successful accompaniment and supervision on this type of administrative legal procedures.

The expert knowledge of the actions and processes to follow, as a result of the experience acquired over the years, provides the required agility so that the client can focus his/her efforts on the production and elaboration of his/her wines.

Vineyard planting records and grubbing-up

Processing of rights transfer operations to planting authorizations/permissions between wine growers

Rights transfer management

Complementary technical studies (water agency, public administration, official organisms, …)

Processing of registrations & activity expand of vineyards and wineries in organic agriculture

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