Strategic Consulting

More than ever, today’s wineries face strong economic and consumer changes and for that reason, it is necessary to make business decisions in order to adapt to a changeable and complex environment and be competitive. Strategic management is essential to achieving good results in the wine making business.

At VINIC we are specialists in strategic management and we offer consultancy services based on three areas:

Defining strategic objectives

Define the winery’s philosophy and mission.

Establish short and long term objectives to accomplish the winery’s mission.

Strategic Planning

Prepare several possible strategies and choose the most adequate.

Develop an organizational structure to accomplish the strategy.

Implementation strategy

Carry out the necessary activities to make sure the strategy is accomplished in an efficient way.

Control the effectiveness of the strategy to achieve the winery’s objectives.

The strategic management process requires planning and a continuous decision making process, to decide in advance what to do and how, when and who will do it. You do not have to worry as we will prepare the best possible strategy for your winery, a key for success.

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